Impressions & Materials

(Impression and Materials Pvt. Ltd), located at Kuleshwor-14, Kathmandu, is a business enterprise and the sister branch of Readmore Publishers and Distributors and Book Zone Nepal.  is committed to supplying creative and constructive playthings and educational materials to schools and other educational organizations. We are a resource for parents and educators and hold the opinion that playthings play a prime position in the process of child’s development and inspire learning, creativity, and fun.

We have a collection of playthings, fun games, classroom furniture, activity toys, Montessori accessories and apparatus, large activity floor play and other children’s playground equipment.

As we offer a good range of playthings, you can pick a set that suits not only your requirement and price, but fits in the space available. We keep sufficient number of all items in our store so that you can expect the timely delivery of the playthings, and you do not need to wait long to have your desired playthings in your schools and homes for your children.

We believe in good quality and promote the products of those companies who have well-defined parameters such as finish, flexibility and durability. Thus, the playthings we supply are well-liked by children, teachers and parents for appealing designs and attractive colours. Moreover, these playthings are smooth in finish and are good for encouraging activities for kids. Other important factors that we seek while choosing playthings are that – the parts should be easy to assemble; and they must suit the safety standards. All in all, we always want to be reliable and try our best to provide good quality products to our valued customers.


We are the authorized distributor in Nepal for:

Products offered:

Human Anatomy

Multi Play System

Display & Writing Boards

Wall Decoration Cutouts

Educational Soft Toys & Stamps

Hand Puppet & Play Dresses


Lift-out Puzzles

Shapes & Towers

Montessori Equipment:

(Language, Sensorial & EPL)

Bouncy Castles & Trampolines

Maths Lab Kits

Geography Apparatus

Fiber Animal, etc

Indoor, Outdoor Playstations

Slides & Swings

Classroom Furniture

Rockers & Rideons

Tetters Totters

Flooring and Mats

Kids Gym Equipment Series, etc



Interactive Whiteboard

“Brighten teaching and learning

with interactive whiteboard systems”


Interactive Whiteboard is a large interactive display to help improve learning outcomes and boost up the interactivity of your lessons. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the interactive whiteboard lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink and save your work, keep curious minds interested in your lesson content – all with the simple touch of a finger or stylus pen.

The Interactive whiteboard’s teaching software provides the essential building blocks for major school subjects in any digitally connected classroom. The board is available in a wide variety of configurations, enabling you to tailor the right solution to accommodate your needs.


   Play has a basic role in the drama of a child’s development. It is a serious business for the child, his true means of learning and growing. Every child should have a wide variety of play materials to evoke in him a spirit of inquiry; to develop physical manipulation to the fullest; to stimulate creative expression. He requires not only the miniatures of real objects in the adult world, but also building blocks, clay, finger paints, etcetera, that he can adapt to his particular needs.