Readmore Publishers & Distributors


“Reach for the reading”

Readmore, founded in 2006 AD, is a forward-looking publishing house, pioneering its idea in bringing out qualitative textbooks and educational materials. The publication is located at Kuleshwor-14, Kathmandu.

We are committed to play a prominent role in the development of education by providing stimulating and well-designed textbooks for students and teachers. Carefully researched and meticulously designed textbooks, meaningful selection of reading materials, attractive and child friendly illustrations, and printing quality enhance the readers’ experience of a new quality and give them a new reach for the reading.

Seeking excellence in the chosen subjects, the publication always aims to strike a balance between professionalism, scholarly rigour, and commercial reality to produce academic books of the highest quality to spur innovation and education excellence. We also recognize the obligation to match the form of our publications to our readers’ needs by pursuing innovations in printing and non-print technologies.

For wholesome education and excellence in quality,  Readmore has three other sister organizations – Impression and Materials (IM), Book Zone Nepal (BZN) and BookArt Nepal. They work collaboratively to support  the national education system of Nepal and make learning process fun and imaginative.